9 October 1976 Conteh vs Lopez(video)

"John Conteh of Britain retained his WBC version of the world light heavyweight title Saturday after an absence from the ring of 15 months by outpointing Alvaro Lopez, a Mexican-born American, at the Forum. After four solid opening rounds, Conteh found the challenger swarming over him in the 5th while in the 6th, one of the toughest in the fight, Conteh produced some superb left hooks to the head and then the body, but Lopez was back as strong as ever in the 7th trying to find a way to victory with his left jabbing. Most of the rounds were won or lost narrowly, usually in a burst of jabs by Conteh which tipped the balance against the indecisive shots of the challenger. In the 11th round Lopez suffered a cut over his left eye and the sight of blood only added to Conteh's incentive. Conteh, though, was running out of energy and he cleverly spun out his resources over the remaining rounds picking off his challenger with those left jabs, emphasizing again his class." -United Press International
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5 October 1991 Pernell Whitaker Beats Jorge Paez (video)

§ Location: Reno-Sparks Convention Center, Reno, Nevada, USA § Referee: Mills Lane § Judge: Keith MacDonald 116-110 § Judge: Chuck Giampa 115-111 § Judge: Patricia Morse Jarman 115-112 § Unofficial AP scorecard: 117-109 Whitaker § World Boxing Council Lightweight Title (6th defense by Whitaker) § World Boxing Association Lightweight Title (3rd defense by Whitaker) § International Boxing Federation Lightweight Title (8th defense by Whitaker) Notes § Whitaker was a 7-1 favorite. § Paez was rated #1 by the IBF. § Whitaker earned $1 million and Paez received $200,000. § Paez suffered a cut over his right eye from a butt in round six. Another butt opened a cut over his left eye in the tenth. § Referee Mills Lane deducted a point from Whitaker in the eleventh for pulling Paez's head down. § Paez had a point deducted in the final round for punching on the break. § Whitaker landed 312 of 895 punches (35%) and Paez connected on 197 of 584 (34%) § This was Whitaker's last fight as a lightweight.   boxrec
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27 September 2008 Shane Mosley KOs Ricardo Mayorga(video)

During the first three rounds of the bout, the harder puncher appeared to be Mayorga, who repeatedly landed right hands from long range and roughed up Mosley in close. Mayorga’s roughhousing mixed with his usual showboating antics seemed to bother Mosley, who appeared more uncomfortable and agitated than usual. In recklessly lunging in with wild power shots of his own Mosley wound up either falling into more clinches or getting caught with punches he should have avoided. Mosley settled down and found the proper distance in the fourth round and took the next three rounds by timing Mayorga with overhand rights that landed flush and occasionally following up with short hooks and single body shots. Mosley continued to zero in with right hands in the seventh and eighth rounds. Mosley was able to land single power shots in the late rounds, but he threw very few combinations. At times Mayorga beat Mosley to the punch with lead right hands. Near the end of the eleventh round, Mosley landed a right hand that splattered blood from Mayorga’s mouth. With less than a minute left in the bout, put Mayorga down on his hands and knees. Mayorga got up on unsteady legs; Mosley stepped in with a short, lead left hook that put Mayorga flat on his back at the bell, resulting in the referee waving the bout off.
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Στην τρίτη θέση της Ευρώπης η Φωτεινή Πλέα!

Στην τρίτη θέση της Ευρώπης η Φωτεινή Πλέα! Άλλη μια Ευρωπαϊκή επιτυχία για την Φωτεινή Πλέα στο Πανευρωπαϊκό πρωτάθλημα πυγμαχίας στο Ordu της Τουρκίας 18/9-27/9 στην κατηγορία των 51 κιλών η Ελληνίδα πρωταθλήτρια κατάφερε να κατακτήσει το χάλκινο μετάλλιο καθώς στον ημιτελικό της κατηγορίας της αντιμετώπισε την Ρωσίδα Indira Sudabaeva σ'έναν αγώνα όπου το αποτέλεσμα δόθηκε 2-1 ! στα σημεία αφήνοντας πικρία στην Ελληνική αποστολή. Όπως και να έχει το χάλκινο μετάλλιο είναι μια ακόμη μεγάλη επιτυχία που έρχεται να προστεθεί στην συλλογή της Πατρινής αθλήτριας όπου μετράει τρία πανευρωπαϊκά μετάλλια(2η 2015,3η 2016,3η2014) , πρώτη θέση στο κύπελο εθνών , τρίτη θέση ευρωπαϊκής ένωσης,   5η στο παγκόσμιο κορασίδων 2014 κ.α πολλά.
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20 September 1972 Muhammad Ali vs Floyd Patterson(video)

On September 20, 1972 at Madison Square Garden in New York City, heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali (38-0-0) from Louisville, Kentucky, defended his NABF title against former heavyweight champion Floyd Patterson. The two men first fought in 1965 and there was much water under the bridge. Patterson was 53-7-1 and winding down his great career. Ali was 38-1, with a single loss to Smokin’ Joe Frazier, and he wasn’t close to being done, not by a long shot…
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Nίκη 3-0 για την Φωτεινή Πλέα στο Πανευρωπαϊκό πρωτάθλημα πυγμαχίας στην Τουρκία

Nίκη 3-0 επί της Αγγλίδας πρωταθλήτριας Michelle Louise Lynch κατάφερε η Φωτεινή Πλέα σε έναν αγώνα για γέρα νεύρα ,απέναντι σε μια καλή αντίπαλο .Μετά από συτή την νίκη η Φωτεινή πέρασε στα ημιτελικά της κατηγορίας και εξασφάλισε είδη το χάλκινο μετάλλιο στο Πανευρωπαϊκό πρωτάθλημα πυγμαχίας στην Τουρκία. Στα ημιτελικά θ ‘αντιμετωπίσει την αθλήτρια από την Ρωσία Indira Shudabaeva.
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