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Women's International Parkour Weekend 2014 (video)

The Women's International Parkour Weekend 2014 happened May 3-4, bringing together over 60 female practitioners from all over the world - from countries including Italy, France, the USA, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Poland, Latvia, Canada, Australia and of course the UK. This film captures the second day of the event, held in and around PKGen's London Academy, the famous Chainstore Academy venue at Trinity Buoy Wharf. Run by the PKGen women's coaching team of Shirley Darlington, Naomi Honey and Annty Marais with instructors Kristian McPhee, British weightlifting champion and PKGen Team Member, and Amy Slevin, yoga instructor, as well as female international parkour coaches. The WIPW was the largest single gathering of female parkour practitioners anywhere in the world to date, and this film captures some of the amazing energy and positivity that flowed throughout the event. Keep the first weekend of May in your diaries for 2015!
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ENGLAND ESCAPADES - Jesse La Flair (video)

Team Tempest's Jesse La Flair & Cory DeMeyers head to England a few days early before hitting the Airborn Academy Pro Jam where they will eventually meet up with Teammates Luci Steel and Josh "Ginger Beast" Yadon amongst other freerunning pros. In Part one of the England Escapades Jesse and Cory hit NDGA a gymnastics facility that Giles from Visive productions trains at. Then the following day they met up with KIe Willis from Storm as he took them on a trip around London to explore the famous and not so known training spots. Part 2 will include the travels from London to Liverpool and the Airborn Academy Pro Jam Event. Stay Tuned and don't forget to Share LIKE and SUBSCRIBE.
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Αποτελέσματα Art of Motion 2013 Σαντορίνη (βίντεο)

Ο Αμερικάνος Cory DeMeyer ¨ηταν ο νικητής του τρίτου Red Bull Freerunning Art Of Motion που πραγματοποιήθηκε στο Φυροστεφάνι της Σαντορίνης. Ο Alexander Baiturin απο την Ρωσσία και ο Jesse La Flair στην δεύτερη και τρίτη θέση αντίστοιχα...απολαύστε τους...
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Parkour Documentary: People in Motion (Video)

Το παρκούρ (γαλλικά και αγγλικά: parkour), γνωστό και ως Τέχνη της Φυγής, είναι μια γαλλικής καταγωγής μη-ανταγωνιστική σωματική και πνευματική τέχνη που έχει ως στόχο την ταχύτατη και βέλτιστη δυνατή μετακίνηση από οποιοδήποτε σημείο του χώρου Α σε διαφορετικό σημείο Β, χρησιμοποιώντας μόνο τις ανθρώπινες σωματικές ικανότητες. Οι μαθητές του παρκούρ ονομάζονται traceurs (τρασέρ) και οι μαθήτριες traceuses (τρασέζ).
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