World Hand Wrapping Championship Greece May 19th 2018

Roland Aicher is the new world champion of the 2nd World Hand Wrapping Championship that took place in Athens Greece. The best cut men of the world competed for the precious trophy!!! Legendary Jacob Stitch Duran was present among the referees and also the president and the vice president of International Cut men Assosiation ICO Mr. Federico Catizone and Mr. Michael Schmidt. Greece was proudly represented by cut man Michalis Sioulis. Everything was running smoothly in a great organization and made participants focus on the competition.

Participants competed in two hand wraps. First was hand wrapping for MMA fighters and the second one was hand wrapping for boxing. Among the athletes that cut men used for hand wrapping was Maria Iron Barbie Pantazi, Christina ''Black Mamba'' Linardatou Duran, Alexandros Tsanikidis and Giannis Michalopoulos.

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