United for the future of Olympic Boxing

EUBC President Franco Falcinelli sents a message to boxing Family...

"....As you well know, Boxing is going through a difficult moment. During its last meeting, the IOC Executive Board took some negative decisions towards our International Association and in particular to review the inclusion of Boxing in the program of the Youth Olympic Games 2018 and the Olympic Games 2020.

Boxing is one of the oldest sports in the Olympic Games, contested at every Summer Olympic Games since 1904 and it is the sport that we love deeply and to which we dedicate our passion, our efforts, our time and often our lives. Participation in the Olympic Games is the dream of all the boxers Worldwide and all the children approaching boxing, therefore, it is our duty to protect our great tradition and continue to give millions of people the chance to realize their dreams. We could not accept any other decision.

AIBA is working very hard to bring boxing back to the level it deserves. After serious mistakes made during the previous management and Presidency, many steps have been already taken and we are doing everything possible to restore stability, maximum transparency and credibility.

It is time for our Global Boxing Family to start acting in favour of the preservation of the Olympic tradition of Boxing and, as the EUBC President, I have a duty to invite you to directly communicate with IOC and send strong messages from your National Federations, Olympic Champions, boxers, celebrities of other sports addressed to IOC President, Mr. Thomas Bach, in order to urge them to keep our sport in the Olympic Program.

I am convinced that our efforts will bring results that we all want and deserve...."

21-02-2018 / Boxing /