Haringey Boxing Cup

Classes/Groups for 2018

Senior Males Born between 01/01/78 & 31/12/99
Class A (Open Elite): 21+ bouts (3x3min Rounds) 
Class B (Development): 5-20 bouts (3x2min Rounds)


All boxers who have previously competed in the Open Elite championships English Belt eliminators/titles or boxed internationally regardless of number of bouts must enter the Elite group. Class B boxers have the option to enter the Elite class.

Youth Males Born in 2000 & 2001 
Class A: 16+ bouts (3x3min Rounds) 
Class B: 2-15 bouts (3x2min Rounds)

Females Born between 01/01/78 & 31/12/99 
Class A: 16+ bouts (3x3min Rounds) 
Class B: 7-15 bouts (3x2min Rounds) 
Class C: 2-6 bouts (3x2min Rounds)

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